Why Too Much Caffeine Is Bad

When you take a pre workout or any kind of caffeinated product for performance you do not want to over do it. Anytime you consume over 400mg of caffeine, you may experience less of a pump and less benefit of a pre workout supplement in the gym. Being over stimulated negatively effects pumps in the gym and can cause a gittery feeling. Especially if you are an NCAA or high school athlete who can get drug tested, if you consume over 500mg of caffeine 2-4 hours before an event you are technically ineligible. If you are drug tested shortly after competition it can show up on a test. There are many other pre workout ingredients that are illegal and banned by the NCAA that you need to look out for. A popular one is DMAA, this was banned a few years back but also found in a pre workout called “Jacked 3D”. You need to have a knowledge of supplement ingredients before you take them and get to see the benefits. If you want some more info on our pre workout and the specific ingredients that are not banned by the NCAA, USADA or any governing body click the link below! ⬇️