Why Any Athlete MUST Consume Protein

Athletes, especially at the collegiate level, are bouncing around from workout to workout, class to class and that is their daily life. It’s a long schedule and a tiring one. If you aren’t taking your recovery seriously your performance will start to suffer. I know personally when I had a long day of workouts and I didn’t take either protein powder or some kind of post workout drink I felt tired and so sore the next day. That is your body being worn down. Especially if you need to get better you can’t only be working out 3-4 times per week and once per day. The life of an athlete is 5-6 workouts in the gym and probably 5-6 more workouts on the field. Nobody can accomplish that correctly without taking some kind of supplement. Protein powder is what we recommend for that! Protein repairs the muscle tears in your body from working out. It allows them to heal faster so the next day you are fully recovered and ready to go. Also it repairs them and makes the muscles naturally stronger and bigger because that’s what happens when you repair them. If you have a protein shake every night this is essential for you to gain the right kind of muscle and to help your body heal the right way. If you combine a good protein shake with maybe some oats or a banana, and on top of that you are stretching, icing, massaging etc. you will be ready to compete the next day. If you want to checkout our 100% Whey Isolate protein powder click the link below! It has specific digestive enzymes that will help your body absorb protein faster which starts the recovery process faster! Click below ⬇️