When You Should Take Creatine

There is no set specific time to take creatine but we believe it is best 15-30 minutes before a workout and 15-30 after a workout. Creatine improves muscle hydration so this leads to more strength in the gym. Which is why you would want to take it before. This is how creatine can lead to strength gain and weight gain.  Not just water weight. You will be able to lift heavier and go harder in the gym which leads to more muscle mass and higher max numbers. Now we believe that it’s not necessary to take creatine as a stand alone supplement if it is in a pre workout supplement. In our pre workout, Pre Dominance, it contains 5G of creatine. Which is the recommended daily dose. So you are already getting the Creatine you need plus ingredients for mental focus, raising dopamine levels, energy, and even more for strength. A pre workout is not just about a caffeine high. It’s about strength, focus, energy and sustained energy. That’s why we made our pre workout and that’s one of the main reasons we included Creatine. It is one of the most natural performance enhancing supplements that your body already produces. If you want more information on our product and how you can earn a 10% off discount on it, click the link below!