When Should You Take Creatine

This is a common question we have been getting asked and we believe that Creatine should be taken pre workout and post workout. Currently we are developing a post workout supplement and it will contain Creatine but currently we have in stock a pre workout that also contains 5G of Creatine. The benefits of taking Creatine before a workout is that it will give you added strength, endurance and power. The muscle hydration Creatine gives your body is what leads to this and this is why you can perform better in the gym on Creatine. Taking it post workout helps your body regain the Creatine it lost during its workout and Creatine helps your body recover faster so you can perform at a higher level back to back days. If you want more information on the other ingredients our pre workout contains to help with strength, explosiveness and endurance, check out the link below! ⬇️