What Creatine Does

The benefits of Creatine to your body is that it helps athletes with weight gain. Creatine helps your body with bursts of energy and it gives you more strength in activities like weight lifting. What Creatine does is that it allows your muscles to store more water, that’s why it’s important to drink plenty of water when you are on the supplement. When you don’t drink water, that’s when you experience the negative effects which everyone loves to talk and worry about. If you consume enough water Creatine is not going to negatively effect you. By having your muscles store more water, you have more energy in your workouts. Having a high muscle hydration allows you to lift heavier weights and you will appear much larger and fuller even upon days of taking it. That is water weight however with the added energy boost and strength it allows your body to pack on muscle with the lifts you do in the gym. In our new pre workout we added a 5g dose of Creatine to help athletes with this. It’s not just about having a caffeine high but it’s also about being able to put on size effectively and improving strength in the gym. Click the link below to see how our pre workout can help you!