The benefit of taking Creatine is the obvious, gaining weight. However few know what it actually does. What Creatine serves to do is give your muscles more hydration. So basically, without getting too scientific, Creatine will pull the water from your body into your muscles. So this is why it is important to drink plenty of water while taking creatine. It will help with health precautions and it will help you see better results with the substance. Now, why is muscle hydration good? This will lead to improved strength, endurance and obviously size. The common critique of Creatine is that it will make you bloated and fat, which is not the case. You will gain water weight but that will come and go. The strength that you gain from this product is where the real weight gain comes from. You will be able to lift heavier and lift longer in the gym which will lead to improved muscle size. Don’t neglect your lifts while on this product. We put 5G of this substance in our pre workout (which is a good daily dose) solely for strength gain and so it could help athletes increase their muscle mass. I hope this helps and gives you some insight on our pre workout product. If you want a 15% discount with your first order of our pre workout apply the promo code “FIRST15” at checkout with the link below!