What Age Should You Start Taking Supplements

We get this question a lot and I think the most important thing we can tell you guys is that it all depends on your situation. We currently sell protein powder and pre workout and all ingredients in those products are 100% healthy and there are no banned substances. So essentially they are safe to take but if you are hesitant on our pre workout because you are on the younger side than that is completely fine. Pre workout is mainly for people who want to get stronger in the gym and either put on muscle or to just have a high energy output. If you are below the high school age we recommend taking protein only. If you are in high school and those are your goals for Athletics or just in general, taking pre workout is a great option. Ages 15-16 is when most people start. Protein is something you can take from the time you are 5 years old to 80 years old. You get the same benefit from protein powder as you would a food that is high in protein. Now let’s say maybe you are in high school and certain ingredient labels say “recommended 18 years of age to take this product” that doesn’t mean you must be 18 to take the product. It’s just recommended. It’s a way for the supplement manufacturers to not get sued, if we are being completely honest. If you go into a market and buy 100 energy drinks, they don’t ask for your ID. But if you read the back of the can it will say recommended use 18 years or older. So best piece of advice I can give you is understand what ingredients will be good for you to take and what ingredients won’t. If you aren’t sure about what we have in our supplements checkout the link below to see our fully disclosed ingredient labels on our products! ⬇️⬇️