What Age Should You Start Taking Creatine

This is a common question we get asked and I think from a personal perspective Creatine should start to be taken around the age of 14-16 if you need to improve your strength levels and gain weight. But by no means do you have to take Creatine to gain weight, it just strongly aids in the process. Creatine pulls water from your body and hydrates your muscles which leads to greater strength, endurance and power in the gym. All three of those things can lead to you packing on muscle. Which can help athletes of all ages. Make sure you hydrate properly and only consume 5-10G in the day that you consume it. You can take Creatine daily however it’s not going to hurt you if you only consume on days where you workout. Clink the link below and checkout our pre workout PRE DOMINANCE, it contains 5G of Creatine to aid with strength and endurance in your workouts. Also click to learn about the benefits of having Creatine in a pre workout! ⬇️⬇️