The Problem With Pre Workouts

Everyone takes a pre workout supplement and there are a ton around but how do you know which one is the best to take/the right one for you? The main ingredient that you need to be aware of in pre workouts is Taurine. Taurine is an antagonist to caffeine. This is commonly found in post workout supplements because it is a muscle relaxer and it is commonly found in energy drinks. Now you might ask why would a company put taurine in an energy product if it’s an antagonist to caffeine? And we ask the same question. The reason energy drink companies use it is so the caffeine high you get wears off quicker. So you will buy more of their product. It is incredibly unhealthy for you to constantly consume those types of products. A lot of brands also put their ingredients into a proprietary blend. They call it a “strength blend” or “energy blend” where they put a ton of ingredients into one category. They try to hide the fact that their product contains taurine and very under dosed ingredients. Our pre workout supplement does not contain any taurine and it has a fully disclosed label. If you want more information on the clean ingredients we have in our product, checkout the link below!