The BEST Pre Workout Ingredient

So this is kind of a trick question, we believe not one ingredient is most important in a pre workout, but a blend of ingredients that is properly dosed is most important. You see a lot of brands have these fancy marketing terms for their ingredients like “ultimate strength blend” or “super Creatine blend” when really there is nothing super or ultimate about it. More often than not, the blends are marketed that way because it’s a lot of ingredients. Not because it is going to help you with any kind of gains. For example take Creatine, some brands put 1-3G of Creatine in their pre workout, which makes absolutely no sense because that’s not even enough to feel the effects of Creatine. But they will market their product like it improves strength when in fact it doesn’t. The dose of Creatine you need is 5G to feel the results, we have 5G of Creatine in our pre workout and everything is fully disclosed. There are no fancy blends and no fancy marketing terms to deceive you. We trust our formula and believe it is the best out there. A pre workout is all about energy, endurance, pumps, and focus. We believe we have the best ingredient list to hit that criteria. Our product contains a combination of 300mg of caffeine, 2G of beta Alanine, 6G of L-Citrulline combined with 50mg of S7 which is for optimal pumps, and many more ingredients that we could list for mental focus and strength.  Checkout our fully disclosed ingredient label below for more info on our product and how it can change your workouts in the gym for the better. No BS marketing slang, just results ⬇️⬇️