Should You Be Taking Creatine

This is a common question we get asked and we believe there are not any negative drawbacks to taking Creatine if you take the right amount and if you are hydrating properly. What Creatine does is that it pulls water from your body and uses that water to hydrate your muscles. So this leads to more strength in the gym, more energy and more endurance. This is why we included 5G of Creatine in our pre workout product. Which we believe is plenty. Your body should only consume maximum 10G of creatine a day. So anything over that can be damaging and if you’re not hydrating properly you can damage your kidneys/liver. If you are concerned with taking a Creatine supplement or supplements that have Creatine in it, consult with your doctor. But for 99% of people Creatine is safe. Make sure you hydrate like we mentioned above, a gallon a day of water should do the trick and much like anything else, take the required dose. If you want more information on how our pre workout contains creatine, why it contains Creatine, and how other ingredients can help with strength and muscle gain, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️