Should Athletes Drink Energy Drinks

The short answer to this is NO. If you are an athlete and are serious about performance in the gym, energy drinks are not the way to go. Let me explain, the reason energy drinks  don’t work for athletes is because there really isn’t anything in them that give you benefit. Some market that there is “Creatine” or other specific ingredients but the truth is that it is not even enough of a dosage to feel the effects. Also a lot of other energy drinks contain Taurine. Taurine is a supplement ingredient most commonly found in post workout drinks. Taurine is a muscle relaxer, so that negatively effects what caffeine and energy supplements are supposed to do. The reason they do this is so the drink wears off quicker so you drink more which leads you to buying more of their product. Business wise it makes sense for them, but when it comes to making a quality product, it is not the best choice. You  want improved strength, focus and long lasting energy when you workout. Not something that will get you jacked up for 30 minutes. If you are an athlete and you want an energy, strength, focus and endurance boost you should take a pre workout supplement. If you want some info on our pre workout that does not contain taurine or any banned substances, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️