Is Pre Workout Healthy?

Pre workout can be heavily criticized, however if taken correctly and at the correct time, it can be highly beneficial for athletes. If you are below the high school age we don’t recommend pre workout unless you have prior experience to caffeinated products. If you drink energy drinks or drink coffee, pre workout is a way better alternative because it will give you more than just an energy rush. If you have prior health conditions we recommend consulting with a doctor before taking pre workout, much like anything else. But pre Workout will give you more than just high energy as we mentioned above. Ingredients like L-Citrulline will help with blood flow, AKA give you a better pump, and ingredients like L-Tyrosine will give you more focus. Those are 2 ingredients we have in our pre workout along with many more. If you are an athlete and need to get stronger, more explosive, gain weight and improve your muscle mass, pre workout will be great for you. You shouldn’t take the product in excess. Don’t take 2 scoops, don’t take twice per day. You need 1 scoop per day to feel the added benefits of a pre workout supplement. If you want more information on how our pre workout can help you make the necessary gains you need in the gym, click below! ⬇️⬇️