How Protein Can Help You Recover

Athletes  who are constantly working out, competing, and often times having 2 workouts per day... need to recover properly. This is a mistake I know I personally made and I know that a lot of guys still consistently make. They do not take their recovery seriously. They don’t stretch, they don’t ice, and they don’t massage gun/roll out. There are plenty of other methods you can do but a lot of people don’t know the nutrition side of things that plays a huge role in letting your body recover. Consuming Protein is a great way to help your body recover and repair the broken down muscle tissues from strenuous workouts. Protein refuels your muscles and allows those micro tears from working out heal. This makes your recovery process much faster so you have a higher energy output the next day and can accomplish all the workout goals you have. Protein is essential for an athletes diet. But often times especially with school, sports, working out and free time it can be hard to get all the necessary nutrients from just simply food. That’s why you should supplement a protein powder into your diet. It’s a great way for you to recover, add muscle mass and perform better in the gym and on the field. We offer currently a whey isolate protein powder with 27-29G of Whey Isolate protein per serving. It contains digestive enzymes as well as your body can absorb more of the protein. Click the link below to get yours! ⬇️⬇️