How Pre Workout Can Help With Stress & Anxiety

In our pre workout we have an ingredient called L-Tyrosine (2G). It is fully dosed at 2G as I mentioned before and what L-Tyrosine does is that it allows your body to naturally produce more adrenaline and dopamine which helps you deal with anxiety. Most brands will put .5-1G of tyrosine in their product but that does not do enough to effect you. So you might ask why is this important to have? The whole point of this ingredient is to aid in mental focus so you can be more locked into the task at hand. There is nothing worse than getting a workout in, and your mind is somewhere else. You aren’t focused, so you’re not focused on what you are doing and then you get a half assed workout. This doesn’t improve your strength, size or allow you to hit your goals. Tyrosine is a great pre workout ingredient because the adrenaline rush you get allows you to perform better in high pressure situations and the dopamine rush helps you deal with anxiety. The same kind of anxiety you could get before an athletic event or before trying a new max in the gym. Our pre workout is more than just an energy rush, we included these types of ingredients to help you get more out of your workouts, perform better, add strength and hit the goals you want physically. If you want more information on how our pre workout can help change your workouts, click the link below!