How Pre Workout Can Help With Focus

In our pre workout there is a specific ingredient called L-Tyrosine. What L-Tyrosine does is activate certain chemicals in your brain which produce dopamine and adrenaline just to name a few. So what dopamine does is it elevates your mood and you will feel more relaxed and focused in higher pressure situations and adrenaline gives you that energy rush to perform in high stress situations like a tough workout for example or a game situation. Our pre workout is more than just strength and an energy rush, we included specific ingredients to fuel mental clarity, strength and much more. L-Tyrosine’s max dose is 2G per serving size and that is exactly what we have in our product. It contains 2G along with 2G of Betaine to help with strength and many other ingredients to help with strength/focus. It is the ultimate blend for an athlete trying to make gains. If you want 15% off this product use the promo code First15 for 15% off your first order on the site! Click below⬇️