How Our Pre Workout Is Different

There a million different pre workout supplements out there but why we believe you should go with our product is that we have premium ingredients made specifically for performance. We had a team of researchers study ingredients for the past two years on what would be effective in a pre workout and how you can gain the most benefit from taking it, while at the same time putting healthy substances in your body. Our pre workout is a custom made formula put together by our team of researchers and who have 8+ years in the supplement industry. The main ingredients we feel that make us stand out are Creatine, L-Tyrosine, & S7. Creatine is the obvious one that a lot of brands use but, they don’t have as much as we do in the product. Our product contains 5G of Creatine. A lot of other brands have only 2G of Creatine in their product. The issue with this low dosage is that it’s not enough for you to feel strength and endurance gains in the gym. 5G is a full serving, you will have better energy, better strength and better endurance in the gym with our pre workout. The second ingredient like we said was L-Tyrosine that we feel helps us stand out. L-Tyrosine is an ingredient that helps your body produce more dopamine and adrenaline. This will help you focus and perform better in high pressure situations. Again, a lot of brands have this in their product but not as much as we do. They only do 500mg or even 1G. Which is not enough, we have a full serving of Tyrosine which is 2G. So you will feel more focused and your mood will be elevated on our pre workout. Lastly the ingredient that isn’t common in other pre workouts is S7. S7 is a a blend of 7 plant based substances that help your body improve nitric oxide production by 230%. Now nitric oxide is what allows your body to have more blood flow. So with more blood flow, you will get much better pumps in the gym and they will be longer lasting pumps. This is how you can get more out of your workouts. If you want to checkout more info on our pre workout click the link below! Use promo code “First15” at checkout for 15% off your first order! ⬇️⬇️