How Does The NCAA View Supplements

The NCAA has a unique view on supplements and that is what we are going to discuss today. Most dietary supplements are completely legal in the eyes of the NCAA. Creatine is legal, mostly all pre workout ingredients are legal but today I want to talk to you about caffeine. Caffeine is something that a lot of people wouldn’t consider illegal but before a competition you are not allowed to consume over 500MG of caffeine. So let’s say a pre workout has 300MG of caffeine and you take 2 scoops, and you are taking before a competition, you are technically ineligible. So anytime you take supplements as an athlete you need to read the ingredient label and research each ingredient in the product. Be very careful with popular pre workout products like C4, who has certain products banned/deemed illegal and products like “Ghost” pre workout who has all of these proprietary blends. (A blend is when the company puts a bunch of different ingredients into one “category” the ingredients are under dosed often but more often then not you don’t know how much of each substance you are consuming) The ingredient label on the back of your supplements should be fully disclosed and discuss all ingredients that are in the product. Be safe when consuming supplements and always take the necessary serving size. Checkout the link below to see what a correct ingredient label looks like, which is full disclosed and is 100% safe for athletes of all ages. CLICK BELOW ⬇️