How Athletes Can Recover FASTER

A lot of people ask the question, “Am I over training?” As an athlete, especially a college athlete, you need to get used to working out multiple times per day. Athletes in college have morning lifts, school all day, practice in the evening and then have to do it again. So there really is no excuse if you are a regular athlete in high school or even just a regular person who likes to workout to skip a ton of days in the gym. However the main difference between collegiate and professional athletes and the regular ones is that the professionals take their recovery very seriously. Lebron James spends over 1 million dollars a year on his recovery, now not everyone has that kind of money but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a priority. After workouts you should be stretching constantly, ice baths if possible and a massage gun/foam roller works great to get the lactic acid out of your body. Now, that still won’t do much for the broken down muscle tissue your body has developed from constantly pushing itself to the limit. This is where a protein supplement comes into play. Protein repairs the broken down muscle tissue from working out which builds muscle mass but mainly it helps you recover faster. This is why it’s important to drink a protein shake after you workout or after a tough day of workouts. Protein shakes are quick and easy ways to aid to your recovery process so you can get up the next day and still get after it. Our protein powder that we offer has 2 digestive enzymes to help athletes specifically in the recovery process. The digestive enzymes allow your body to absorb the protein faster, which makes you recover faster. Checkout the link below if you want some more info on the protein powder we have to offer! Use promo code “FIRST15” to get 15% off your first purchase ⬇️⬇️