How Athletes Can Improve Endurance

A pre workout supplement is not just for an energy rush or to wake you up, it can also aid with endurance during strenuous activity. AKA working out. The main ingredient you find in a lot of pre workouts is beta Alanine. Beta Alanine is a non essential amino acid your body naturally produces which can raise carnosine in your body. So taking the supplement will help with raising your carnosine levels even more. Carnosine helps with your endurance during workouts and will make you perform for longer periods of time and be able to gain more out of your workouts. Beta Alanine is one of the most important pre workout ingredients if dosed correctly. A lot of people do not dose their pre workouts correctly and this can limit their results. If you use too much beta Alanine that can cause your body to feel like you have pins and needles coming out of your face. It almost feels like you are having an allergic reaction. Some people enjoy this feeling, other people hate it. It can be from not being used to the product or taking too much of it. Now usually when a product is over dosed with Beta Alanine, too much stimulant can limit blood flow, so your pumps will be weaker. If you are consuming a pre workout you should be looking for 2-2.5G of Beta Alanine in the product. That is plenty to give you the endurance you need and increase your performance. In our pre workout we have 2G of Beta Alanine because we believe when you combine that with other ingredients we have, it is a recipe for maximum energy, pumps, endurance and focus! If you want to see more of the products we have to offer click the link below!