How Athletes Can Gain Muscle Not Fat

Athletes most commonly want to gain weight, but they want that weight to be the correct weight. If you are not able to gain clean muscle mass it is not sustainable. How you can do this is by not changing up what you are doing in the gym, still lift heavy, you want to live in that 3-8 rep range. 8 at the absolute max. Lifting heavier  builds more of your fast twitch muscle fibers which leads to growth, lifting light weight for low reps leads to getting cut and burning fat but you will not put on size. Now your diet is very important in this, you want to cut out processed foods like fast food and bad carbs like white bread. Also cutting out sugar will be a tremendous help. And by sugar I mean sweets like candy, ice cream and desserts. If you cut those out and consume 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight you will see a lot of gains in your muscle mass. If you want a supplement to help you gain weight checkout our pre workout below, it contains creatine which helps with healthy weight gain if you consume the right amount of water and take the proper doses and it also contains ingredients to build strength in the gym which allows you to lift heavier and be more explosive, check out more information on it below! ⬇️⬇️