Easy Way To Gain Weight

An easy way to gain weight is to consume more protein. A lot of people struggle to gain weight because they are simply not doing the right things. Weight gain is made in the kitchen. The gym is an added bonus but if you need to gain serious weight it depends on what you consume. Obviously your carb intake is important but to put on muscle, not fat, protein is where you want to live. Let’s say you weigh 150lbs and you want to get up to 180 within 6 months, I think that is an attainable goal. Now as far as protein goes you should be trying to consume 170-180 grams per day. That is not impossible to achieve. The foods that contain protein are your basics: chicken, beef, red meat, eggs etc. This is almost impossible to do if you do not consume a protein shake. Protein shakes that are healthy(whey isolate) are great for healthy weight gain. There are two types of protein. Whey concentrate and whey isolate. Isolate is better for athletes because it is filtered more. What I mean by that is all of the excess fats, lactose and processed ingredients are filtered out. Which allows your body to consume more protein, and for someone who is trying to gain weight it is essential for your body to consume as much protein possible. Our whey isolate powder has 29g of protein that your body can absorb. That’s a huge number when you breakdown your daily intake especially if you supplement the shakes in between meals. Click below to get our whey isolate powder which will help you with weight gain!