Does Creatine Have Any Side Effects?

There are not any side effects of Creatine if you take the product correctly. A lot of people have been told myths that it will stunt their growth or cause hair loss which has no scientific evidence. Creatine is a supplement that will help you grow your muscles, improve endurance and improve your strength. The only time you will experience negative effects is if you take Creatine in excess or if you do not drink any water. Creatine pulls water from your body to your muscles so if you don’t properly re hydrate your body you can see some liver and kidney issues. A gallon of water a day is plenty! So please understand that you need to take Creatine responsibly, and if you do that the benefits can be huge. I know when I first started to gain real weight in high school was when I took Creatine. I went from 140-175lbs  in one year which I could never do. And it was not fat weight my body fat percentage was still under 9%. If you want more information on how Creatine can help you perform and why we included it in our pre workout supplement click the link below! ⬇️⬇️