Do You Need To Take Creatine In Order To Compete?

This was a question we were asked the other day and someone wanted to know if they need to take Creatine to gain a competitive edge. I wouldn’t say Creatine is the most absolute be all end all thing to give you a competitive edge but it certainly helps in a few areas. Creatine is usually taken by athletes to help with weight gain. If they need to gain 10-20lbs in the off season that’s what they take, but also what most people don’t know about Creatine is that it helps with strength gains as well. Creatine hydrates your muscles as many of you well know and what that essentially means is that you will be able to perform at a higher strength level and be able to perform longer. Your endurance will also increase. When your muscles are hydrated you have higher energy. This also helps with muscle gain and it is muscle gain that you will have long term. It is not just short term water weight. I don’t think Creatine is essential to compete but it makes life a lot easier and you are able to get after it much harder in the gym. In our pre workout we included 5G of Creatine which is the recommended daily dose minimum. It also contains ingredients for muscle gain, mental focus and improved performance. If you want to learn how our pre workout is the perfect, tailor made supplement for athletes click the link below! Use promo code “FIRST15” at checkout for 15% off your first order! ⬇️⬇️