Daily Muscle Gain Routine

Some people can lift all the weights they want but if they are not eating correctly and taking the proper supplements, they will not as we a huge gain in their muscle mass. To put on muscle mass correctly you need to be disciplined in a lot of aspects of training. Today we are going to talk about the supplement side of things, and more specifically Creatine/Protein Powder. These are the two most commonly used supplements to help with weight gain. The schedule that you can get on every day is the follow: 5G of Creatine before you workout and then a 25-29G of protein shake after you workout. Let me explain, the 5G of Creatine serves to hydrate your muscles. That is a full serving and Creatine is a great way to increase your strength in the gym. Lifting heavier can obviously lead to weight gain but then you need to be putting the right food into your body. And that is where the protein comes in. You can get a lot of protein from food, however to gain weight you need to consume .8-1G of protein per pound of body weight. So that means if you are 180lbs and want to get to 200 you should be trying to get 180G per day. Eggs have 6G of protein in them so to put it into perspective, you would need to eat 30 Eggs a day to get to that amount. Extremely hard to do without having a protein shake. Also a protein shake helps yo muscles recover faster which allows you to do more then next day in your workouts. In our pre workout supplement we have 5G of Creatine already built into the formula, you wouldn’t need to buy a separate supplement and our protein shake has 29G per serving! Checkout the link below to see our products that can help you add muscle mass! ⬇️⬇️