BEST Supplements Athletes Can Take

A lot of athletes take dietary supplements but what are some of the best ones they can take? Some athletes only take protein powder and that is 100% fine. I recommend a whey isolate protein powder if your goal is to add muscle. A Whey isolate protein powder is a healthier option and your body can absorb more protein because there is no lactose or sugar in a whey isolate powder. In our 100% Whey Isolate protein powder, Pro Dominance, we have digestive enzymes in the product. This allows your body to absorb the protein much faster which will help your body recover and add muscle faster. It will speed up the process. Another supplement athletes take is pre workout. Some people are very hesitant on this because they don’t know if it is healthy or if there are any banned substances. Having a knowledge of banned substances is super important. You need to do your research on ingredients in pre workout. Like DMAA for example was an ingredient that all pre workouts had for a while, the substance got banned and it would show up on a drug test. Now most brands don’t use that but some do, so you need to be careful. Our pre workout, Pre Dominance, was a custom made formula blended specifically for athletic performance. There are ZERO NCAA & USADA banned substances and it is safe for any athlete. It has 5G of Creatine in the product so you don’t have to buy extra supplements, it has 2G of L-Tyrosine which helps with mental focus and gives you an adrenaline rush and many more ingredients that help with muscle gain and endurance. All of those things athletes can benefit from. If you want more information on our pre workout and protein powder click the link below! ⬇️⬇️