Best Pre Workout Ingredient For Muscle Gain

To put on muscle mass what you need to is lift correctly in the gym, eat correctly but also a pre workout supplement can be a huge benefit to this as well, let me explain. So in the gym you want to lift on the heavier side to put on mass. Anywhere in the 2-8 rep range is where you want to be. Focus on contracting the muscle and really squeezing at the top of the movement. If you lift heavier with correct form you are doing the right things in the gym. Now to aid with that process, that’s where taking a pre workout comes into play. Our pre workout contains ingredients like Beta Alanine (obviously) Creatine 5G and L-Tyrosine (2G) All of these help with strength, focus and energy/endurance. This allows you to lift heavier, make strength gains, perform longer and get more out of your workouts. This is all a recipe for increased muscle gain. Our pre workout contains 6G of L-Citrulline. What L-Citrulline does is that it increases nitric oxide in the body, AKA, allows more blood flow. This leads to better pumps in the gym which will lead to increased muscle mass. Building muscle is an easy thing to do if you are doing the right things. If you want more information on our pre workout and the ingredients it has in it to be an optimal formula for muscle gain and strength gain click the link below! ⬇️⬇️