Benefits Of Athletes Taking Creatine

If you are in the off season and you are trying to get stronger/ gain weight Creatine is something you should look into. Everyone loves to talk about the negative effects of Creatine and we are going to talk about why that is a myth. People say that Creatine can damage your kidneys... which can be true if you take it improperly. If you take more than the required dosage and do not drink any water it absolutely will hurt you. Be responsible and hydrate and take the required amount. Much like any supplement, too much is not good. Listen to the warning labels and hydrate properly and you will see only positive effects with Creatine. Creatine allows your muscles to store more water which gives you more energy and more burst in your workouts and when you have to perform. That’s what leads to weight gain. Initially you will gain water weight but the energy and strength it gives you allows you to pack on muscle weight. We included Creatine in our newest pre workout supplement because we want athletes to not only feel energized and more focused but we want to aid their strength and gym goals. If you want more info on how our pre workout can benefit the most elite athletes, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️