At What Age Can You Take Supplements?

This is a common question we get asked on all of our social media pages and the answer we give every time is that it depends. It depends on the supplements and it depends on the athletes. If you are concerned about taking Pre Workout but drink coffee and drink energy drinks there is no need to be concerned. Our pre Workout is 100% NCAA & USADA safe. Make sure to read the ingredient labels of everything that you consume and will put in your body. Now, if you are hesitant on pre workout, that is fine. Not everyone is a pre workout person. But you still want to take your performance in the gym to the next level, you should be consuming protein powder. Protein powder can be consumed by anybody at any age. It aids in the recovery process and it also helps you put on muscle mass. Our protein powder is specifically made for athletes and regular people who take their fitness seriously to improve muscle gains and to recover faster after hard workouts. If you want more information on our line of pre workout products and our line of protein powder, click the link below! You can earn 15% off our completely NCAA and USADA safe products by using the promo code “First15” with your first purchase! Click below ⬇️