3 Tips To BURN FAT

  1. The fat burning process starts in the kitchen. The easy thing would be to say “just cut out all carbs”. But as an athlete that is highly unrealistic. If you are in desperate need to lose weight cutting out carbs is probably a quick way to do that but it’s not maintained. Something you can try to cut out of your diet is bread. Bread is a man made substance, it is not natural and produced in a factory. If you can eliminate bread from your diet, especially white bread,  you will see a huge change in how you feel and how you look.





  1.  The second thing you can do to burn fat is cut out any processed sugar. So what we mean by that is anything that comes in a wrapper. Like candy, ice cream, cookies etc. No sweets essentially. Sugar from fruit is fine but any kind of other sugar should be eliminated from your diet for you to have a healthy fat loss.

  1.  Now lastly, you need to be lifting properly to burn fat. In the gym doing high intensity workouts with little to no rest is a great way to put your body in a fat burning zone. High reps and low rest time is the best thing you can do to burn fat but also add muscle. This is what many people do in the gym but they don’t have the diet. That’s why they don’t see any results. And a lot of people have the diet but will only get skinny if they don’t lift properly. These 3 things are great tools for you to use as a fat burning recipe! In the gym if you struggle with endurance and the ability to raise the intensity level of your workouts, checkout the link below for our NEW Pre Workout Pre Dominance 2.0. We have multiple ingredients to raise energy levels like beta Alanine, caffeine obviously and much more. Also there are great ingredients for mental focus, strength and overall performance! Click below to checkout our NEW pre workout! ⬇️⬇️