3 Tips For Healthy Weight Gain

  1. Eat more often. If you eat more frequently than before and add on to the basic 3 meals per day, you will have a more successful weight gain and you will be able to gain healthy weight.
  1. Eat bigger plates. For those 3 core meals, you should be eating in bigger portions. I remember in college they would make the guys who needed to gain weight on the football team eat 2 plates of whatever they got. So let’s say they ate 3 eggs and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast, you would have to eat 6 eggs and 4 pieces of toast. That’s not the healthiest thing in the world but bigger portions will give you results.
  1. Lastly creatine and your gym workouts will help tremendously with weight gain! If you take creatine your strength will go up, muscle hydration and output in the gym will also increase. If you checkout the link below we offer a pre workout supplement specifically for athletes to help them achieve their gym goals. It contains creatine which will aid to the weight gaining process and ingredients to help with mental focus and muscular endurance in the gym so your workouts can be as productive as possible. Click the link below!