3 Reasons Why You SHOULD Take Creatine

  1. Creatine will increase muscle hydration. Increased muscle hydration causes your muscles to feel fuller and that is what will improve your strength in the gym. Your body is already 75% water so if you can hydrate properly while on the supplements that will increase the hydration of your muscles. If you don’t drink any water while taking Creatine it can cause certain side effects and kidney issues. So make sure you hydrate and take the recommended dose. All those stories you hear from Creatine are 99% false. And the true ones usually come from guys taking this product incorrectly. Hydrate and if you are really concerned, consult with your doctor before taking.

  1.  Creatine will increase your ATP production. ATP is what improves endurance and also strength in the gym. This is what leads to muscle gain. A lot of people take Creatine when they are trying to put on weight. Now the common misconception is that you will get bloated from taking Creatine and that all you will gain is water weight. Water weight will come and go, but the muscle you build from your increased strength levels is what will last. The strength you gain will allow you to lift heavier and lifting heavier will allow you to put on more weight.
  1. Lastly, Creatine is a great supplement to take before and after your workouts. Creatine before your workout will help obviously with strength levels and endurance like we mentioned above, which is why we included 5G of Creatine in our pre workout. Creatine after you workout is great for recovery. It replenishes the Creatine you lost during your workout so your body can recover faster for the next day. Mixing Creatine into your protein powder after a workout can be highly beneficial for your body. 

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