3 Myths Of Creatine

  1.  The first myth of Creatine is the fact that it will cause kidney damage no matter what. This is completely false. Creatine if not taken properly can cause damage to your kidneys much like anything else. If you hydrate properly you will not experience that negative/rare side effect. What Creatine does is provide hydration to your muscles. So, if you don’t drink water you will have a negative effect because the body won’t have anything to hydrate the muscles with. If you drink a gallon of water per day you do not need to worry about any kind of kidney damage. The guys who experience kidney stones or other damages don’t drink water and take too much of Creatine. Hydrate properly and you will not experience this.

  1. You MUST cycle on and off Creatine. This is not true, you don’t have to cycle off if you are trying to put on size. It’s all based around your goals, Creatine will help you put on weight, which is why we put it in our pre workout supplement. If your goal is to gain weight, Creatine is something you can take. If you want to cut down, then don’t take an excess amount of Creatine or cycle off. It’s based on your goals, there is no scientific evidence that will benefit you of cycling on and off the supplement.
  1.  Creatine will make you fat. While yes it ads water weight, that will be lost. Real weight gain comes from the strength you gain. We included this in our pre workout because the hydration added to your muscles increases the strength and energy output you have. This will lead you to stronger lifts and being able to perform more explosive movements in the gym with ease. That’s where your weight gain comes in that is long lasting. Water weight will come and go, but the weight gain from your added strength will stay. 

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