3 Key Speed Tips

Today we are going to talk about getting faster and three key tips when it comes down to your form. The first thing I want to focus on is your knee drive, a lot of athletes struggle to bring their knees up to a 90 degree angle because they lack hip flexibility. Make sure you are able to drive your knees to 90 degrees so you can be explosive from a start or explosive from a position of no momentum. Second thing a lot of athletes struggle with is their foot strike. When you strike the ground on a sprint flat footed, your legs will extend. You want to stay on the balls of your feet and keep your ankle flexed. They call that dorsi flexion. That essentially means not letting your toes point down while you run, keeping your ankle flexed makes it easier to strike the ground on the balls of your feet. Lastly athletes struggle with their arm drive, so many athletes extend their arms and bend at their elbows, that’s not how you improve speed. You want to swing from your shoulders, if you can drive from your shoulders and keep your arms at a 90 degree angle much like your legs you will start to see more explosion from your upper half and it won’t feel like you are strictly running with your legs. You want your hands to go right past your pockets all the way up to your cheek. That is an efficient running motion. If you want to improve your speed in the gym, which comes down to working explosive movements, and you need an extra edge to beat the competition checkout our new pre workout supplement below, it has specific ingredients like Creatine to help athletes improve their strength, energy and explosion in the gym so they can hit new maxes and improve their skills. If you want more info on the ingredients it contains and a breakdown of the product, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️