3 Great Speed Workouts

  1.  Sand work. Working out in sand is great for resistance and to work on foot speed. Performing cone drills and ladder drills in sand is some of the most beneficial things you can do for your speed. I wouldn’t run distance in sand for conditioning but working quick burst exercises is a great form of resistance.

  1.  The second thing I want to talk about is hill runs. If you need to improve your acceleration hill runs are for you. If you don’t have a hill, run up stairs or a stadium. Anything that is uphill and focus on your stride length. This will help you with explosion and obviously overall speed/acceleration.
  1.  Sled or parachute runs. This is a great thing to do as an alternative to the two above. I would suggest investing in a sled or a parachute if speed is one of your main priorities. Emphasize good form and emphasize your knee drive. 
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