3 Best Lifts For Speed

  1. Jump Squats. This is a great lift for any athlete who is trying to get faster. It works on not only leg development but the jumping portion of the lift activates your fast twitch muscle fibers. Which is a direct translation to speed. Perform this exercise for no more than 8 reps

  1. Power Cleans. It is literally in the name, this exercise will help athletes develop power which leads to explosiveness. If you’re running a race you want to explode out of the starting gate, which requires power to propel you into acceleration. Same idea, this exercise should be done for no more than 8 reps.

  1. Box Jumps. This is solely for explosion and being able to generate power from a position of little to no momentum. Weighted box jumps will help you more if you are on the advanced side. 
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