3 Best Lifts For Football Players

  1.  Squats. I believe squats is one of the most beneficial exercises for football players because every single position needs to generate force and power from their legs and this is the best way to build that.

  1.  The second best lift I believe is power cleans. Especially if you are a lineman. Power cleans help you create force from your hips which leads to better blocking and for skill positions this helps with cuts. Make sure to include power cleans to your routine.

  1. The third best lift I believe is NOT bench press, that’s what everyone thinks. I believe it is a push press or push jerk. This is an Olympic lift where you push the weight above your head and this is all focused on explosion. Not just looking good with your shirt off. This helps with the ability to break tackles, throw stiff arms and everything that a football player needs when it comes to fast twitch muscle fibers. You must include this in your upper body lifting days.

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