3 Best Leg Exercises For Athletes

  1. The obvious one is squats. I think squats is the most beneficial lift for any athlete because it works on your core strength and it helps you with obviously leg strength. It will also help with your stability in your legs. In any sport that involves throwing or being rotational/explosive, lower half stability is essential.
  1. In my opinion I think walking lunges is a great exercise for speed development. Being strong in a lunge position helps you tremendously with speed and flexibility. This will help you loosen your hips and strengthen your hips/groin area.
  1. I believe there are other exercises just as beneficial as this one but I think wall sits are a great test of leg endurance. If you can hold a wall sit for a decent amount of time that means your legs are in shape. You can last in the last quarter of a game because your legs won’t give out. Wall sits will improve your muscular endurance not just strength. 
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