2 Ways To Improve Your Max Lifts

  1.  One way you can increase your max lifts is by doing tempo reps(you can only really do this on bench and squats). Focus on controlling the weight down and controlling the weight up. Let’s use bench press for an example, when you take the weight off the rack, you want to do a 5 second count all the way to your chest, then a 5 second count up. This serves to build your stability on these certain lifts but also helps with explosiveness. When you just need to get one rep in a Max situation using explosiveness built from tempo reps will help!
  1. Improving your maxes comes down to strength obviously and one way you can improve your strength without the gym is by taking Creatine. Creatine isn’t just for weight gain, it’s also for strength gain. You will feel much stronger because the science behind Creatine is that it hydrates your muscles. Which leads to more output, explosion and obviously strength. Creatine is so criticized for no reason, there are no studies that prove it is bad. They wouldn’t be allowed to sell the product if it was bad, if you hydrate Creatine will only have positive effects. I recommend starting with the lowest dose which is 5G. In our pre workout supplement it contains 5G of Creatine along with other ingredients designed to improve your strength, mental focus, energy and overall performance. Checkout the link below to see what else goes in our pre workout and how it can help your maxes improve in the gym.