2 Tips For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

  1.  To burn more fat and to put on healthy muscle one thing athletes can do is up the intensity of their workouts. So rather than lifting heavy weight, focused on low reps and strict form, you should try doing higher rep sets. 10-15 is the rep range you want to live in and in between sets take less rest. It burns more fat in your body and will put you in a fat burning zone that will last even after your workouts.
  1.  Up your protein intake and decrease carbs. If you cut out carbs completely that’s the fastest way to lose weight but I do not believe that is sustainable. Eating healthy carbs like brown rice or sweet potatoes is sustainable. Also upping the protein intake will help you put on more muscle while burning fat. You will become leaner. Cutting out fatty carbs and sugars will make you hungrier so having a protein shake is a great meal replacement. If you want a healthy, good tasting whey protein that will help you put on muscle and serve as fuel for your workouts/fat loss, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️