2 Tips For Athletes To Recover Faster

  1.  One thing athletes can do for recovery is rolling out/massage gun and stretching  every night. This is something highly beneficial for you to be fresh for each days workout. As athletes you need to understand that your schedule, especially at the college level, is going to be tiring and mentally/physicall draining. Taking care of your body is a necessity and should be a priority. After your day, before you go to bed you should stretch and take time to roll yourself out on a foam roller. Roll out first so you almost prep your body for the stretch. You can foam roll before workouts as well and stretch after workouts but often times you do not have time for that when you combine workouts with school and other obligations. Make 30 minutes to an hour of time to do this each night before you sleep. Your recovery time will improve and your body will feel primed and ready to go.
  1.  Another thing athletes can do to recover is take a whey isolate protein powder after their workouts. Whey isolate has a greater benefit for athletes because it allows your body to absorb more protein because the excess lactose and carbs/fats are filtered out of an isolate powder. This leads to the protein fighting the lactic acid build up in your body from heavy training. This is what leads to faster recovery and obviously weight gain. Each time you workout you build up micro tears in your muscles and Isolate protein helps you repair those tears faster and quicker. If you want more information on a whey isolate protein powder we made with specific digestive enzymes to help with the digestion process click the link below!