2 Tips For Athletes To Get Stronger

  1. Lifting heavier for lower reps in your sets. You will not get stronger if in your workouts you are doing high rep sets. When doing high rep sets in the 10-15 range you are definitely getting blood flow to the muscles however it’s not going to help you strength wise. The rep range you want to operate in as an athlete who wants to get stronger is the 3-8 rep range. Increase the weight you are using and focus on correct form and explosiveness. Strength comes from your fast twitch muscle fibers so doing explosive lifts like power cleans or squats in that rep range will make you a much stronger athlete.
  1. Taking Creatine. Creatine is a widely criticized product but it can help athletes tremendously with weight gain and strength gain. I personally never took it until last year of my high school career but I wish I took it sooner. My maxes improved dramatically and my output in the gym improved. I felt I was stronger and had way more energy/explosiveness. The reason for this is that Creatine hydrates your muscles. This allows them to recover faster, perform longer and look obviously bigger. If you want to start with a small dose of Creatine but still want the benefits of strength and energy in the gym, checkout our new pre workout product! It has 5G of Creatine but also contains beta Alanine for energy and strength along with many other ingredients. Checkout an ingredient profile on our product below! ⬇️⬇️