2 Steps For Athletes To Gain Muscle

For athletes to gain muscle we feel that it is going to come down to two simple things. The way you eat/diet and how you lift in the gym. It is a common mistake especially with high school athletes that they lift super heavy for 1-2 reps and think that will help them put on mass. It will get you stronger 100% without a doubt but it will not build muscle. The 5-8 rep range is where you want to be when you are trying to put on muscle. Focus on squeezing at the top of the movement and controlling the weight up and down. Now everyone loves to talk about the diet for gaining muscle. The term most commonly used is “bulking” but there is a difference between a clean bulk and a dirty bulk. A dirty bulk is that you are eating everything in sight, not really caring about the fat content inside or the carbohydrates you are taking in. If you want to gain a good amount of weight but do it clean, you need to be more focused on protein consumption. Try to eat .8-1G of protein per  pound of body weight everyday. So if you’re 180lbs you should try to eat 160-180G of protein a day. This may seem like a lot, and it is. You will need to eat bigger portions and need to supplement protein shakes in between. The reason why you only want to maximum take 1G per pound of body weight is that anything over that amount will turn to fat. Your body physically can’t process that much protein. Checkout our whey isolate protein powder below! It has 27G of Whey Isolate protein and if you were to take 2 scoops per day you would already be more than 25% done with your protein intake! Click the link below ⬇️⬇️