2 Best Lifts To Get Faster

2 Most Essential Lifts For Speed Development
  1. Squats and different variations of squats. I think squats are so essential to any athlete who wants to build speed. Exploding from a position of no momentum is so beneficial to your speed because that is usually what you have to do on any playing field. Jump squats and pause squats are two other great variations to build your explosiveness. 
  1. The second lift I feel that is most beneficial is power cleans. Mainly because it is in the name. It will develop power and explosion which is a direct translation to speed. For example, in a 40 yd dash your start is all about explosion and power and without a good start you won’t have a good time. If you work this movement heavier and really focus on driving from your hips, you will see a change in your hip explosion and your fast twitch ability. 
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