Why Athletes Need Protein

Athletes need protein in their diet because it helps with a few things... 1) it helps you with recovery. After a workout your muscles are broken down. You have these micro tears which cause soreness. Protein helps you restore those micro tears in your body. 2) You need protein to gain strength. If you are trying to get stronger you need protein for the same reasons as above. You want to be fresh in your workouts when you are trying to hit new maxes and achieve new strength goals. Protein restores your muscles so you can be fresh for every workout. Athletes always ask me how many times they should be working out a week, but when you get to college you are working out multiple times per day. That’s the workload that athletes take on. A protein supplement is a great way to stay fresh when you are constantly on the go with classes and with your many workouts you need to do weekly. If you want a great protein supplement made specifically for athletes to improve, check out the link below! ⬇️⬇️