Top 3 Benefits Of Pre Workout

The main thing that pre workout can help with is strength and endurance. The ingredient that mainly does that in our pre workout is Creatine. Our product contains 5G Creatine compared to a lot of other brands who only use 2G. 2G is not enough to help you long term. It will give you a little strength gain but not enough to last throughout the day and through a full workout. So added strength is the main top benefit of our pre workout due to Creatine. The second benefit I want to talk about today is better pumps. We have an ingredient called L-Citrulline in our product. It contains 6G of this substance and this promotes blood flow in your body by increasing your nitric oxide production. So what that essentially means is that you will have a better pump. And a better pump leads to more muscle growth. You will feel like you are getting more out of your workouts and you are increasing your size. The third benefit of taking pre workout is improved mental focus. In our pre workout we have 2G of L Tyrosine and a lot of other brands will under dose this ingredient. Tyrosine produces a chemical in your body called dopamine and adrenaline. This helps you stay locked into your workouts and helps you perform better in high stress situations, AKA physical activity. Other brands will do 1G or even below that because they don’t understand how important this ingredient is for performance and long lasting energy! If you want more information on our pre workout supplement click the link below! If you use the code “First15” you can get 15% off your first order! Click below ⬇️